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«MetaMilano» 07.04. – 11.04.2014

The final part of the workshop series takes place during the Milan Design Week. Taking this high profile event as an inducement for the conception of the workshop, the question arose: How to link the expectations of a place-to-be for ambitious designers with the elusiveness of place in conditions of asylum?

The geographical distance from Basel to Milano reveals an interesting fact: any place on a circle line drawn with it's centre point in Basel and the bee-line distance to Milan as it's radius, results outside the national territory of Switzerland. This insight sets the conceptual key to the weeklong workshop: forced emigration by assignment.

Five teams, each equipped with seed money of 2'222.- CHF provided by the Institute Integrative Design, went through the experience of a real-life journey to a destination barely unknown. The assignment was bold and simple and framed by a set of criteria:

Define the location for your MetaMilano; Make a cause for your journey; Leave Switzerland on Monday and safely come back on Friday; Plan your trip as precise as you think it should be; Design strategies for survival, employ them and rely on your skills; Do not use private cash, credit cards in addition to the given financial resources; Keep record of your expenses; If required, make more money on your own; No phone calls back home…

«Dante Driving Demons»

A film based on Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, that merges fact and fiction. In disguise of a carpooling service the team took clients to an inquisitive continental-Europe-wide quest for Dante's beloved Beatrice. Production and editing of the film took place on the way... For more information see the project website.

«Where Do We Go Now? How Does It Work?»

5 cities in 5 days – an amazing journey made of serendipity and adventure. On a daily basis «the crowd» decided where the team had to go next. Ping-ponging across Europe and the money got tight and tighter... For more information see the project website.

«MSD International»

Pretending to be in Milan the team deceptively made it to Dakar, Senegal, where they co-created with extraordinary hostel guests, passerby and locals. They worked hard, most of the time, they said... For more information see the project website.

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