The activities at the Institute Integrative Design are dedicated to a practice that combines expertise in the fields of design, the arts, the humanities and technology in a poietic process. We foster an understanding of relationships in systems, networks, cycles and in value-creation-chains that take charge of the involved stakeholders. We believe that a practice devoted to explore and embrace different areas of knowledge and interest groups is the legitimate approach to solve the complex challenges of our time. We are committed to take this conception to our teaching and research.

Built on a transdisciplinary study curriculum we promote new processes of production, distribution and use of artifacts and services aiming for sustainable and effective results. Our students are concerned with emerging fields of design, probing their skills from the perspectives of research, experimentation, critical analysis and self-organization. An inspiring and diversified study environment facilitates undertakings to think innovation anew.

In research we inquire into contexts where the transformative potential of an integrative design agency opens up new scopes of activity. We are concerned with methodologies which convert liberal arts, technological possibilities and design knowledge into tangible results.