Off the GRIDS

Posted on May 30, 2015

In his role as product designer in the research team of the OLED Design Lab, Corsin Zarn has developed «GRID», a prototypical series of luminaires stemming from a collaboration with renowned Basel-based media engineering company iart.

The spatial framework of the GRID series is composed of stainless steel wires, which unify both the structural design and the power supply for the OLED panels. Through the «flokk» controller - developed by iart - every single OLED is interactively controllable and enables a flexible positioning of the panels, wich are being hold by tiny magnets. The OLED panels in «GRID 8» interact with the movements of the user in its proximity and react also to acoustic signals of the surrounding space.

A selection of the GRID luminaries can be experienced at the exhibition 'OLED – Licht der Zukunft?' at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur until 10 October 2015.

Design: Corsin Zarn
Interaction: Juan Ferrari
System development: iart