The Taste of the Brain

Posted on May 06, 2015

In a joint project endeavor entitled «The Taste of the Brain» under the leitmotif of the EXPO 2015 in Milan, «Feeding the planet – energy for life», Master's students in Design of HEAD – Genève, the HGK FHNW Basel (Masterstudio Design) and the ZHdK give voice to their approaches on the subject of nutrition. The quest: How can coherencies in the context of nutrition be addressed more effectively without swinging the popular moral banners against food waste, biofuels, genetic engineering and alike.

The involvement of designers in this regard is key: Which creative resources can be applied to capture the complex relationships of interests of the involved stakeholders? How can the powerlessness of people, when being confronted with food production and food consumption issues, be turned into a beneficial form of communication? How can eating as a social act regain importance?

The outcomes of the collaborative project will be shown on June 4th 2015 with a performance in the Swiss Corner at the Centro Svizzero in Milan.